Blow the Whistle! Help Stop Renegade Denali Wolf Trapper

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Coke wallace of Denali uses unethical means to trap and kill wolves. Help stop this. write governor Sean Parnell and Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Image by Brad Josephs

Hey guys,

While I am guiding in China, I am a lot out of the loop on Alaska bear and wolf news, so I often rely on the Alaska Wildlife Alliance, an wildlife advocacy group founded in 1978, to keep me up to date on things.  They sent me another hearbreaking piece of news that was just released.  A selfish (IIl refrain from any other descriptions) trapper and hunting guide named Coke Wallace from Healy, Alaska who owns Midnight Sun Safaris, killed a horse that he walked onto the border of Denali National Park, and set snares around the carcass to trap some of the world’s most loved, viewed and studied wolf packs.  One of the wolves was the likely-pregnant alpha female, which will probably break up the pack.  What a nice way to make a few hundred bucks.  This is one of those times that I put my foot down.  Enough is enough.

Please help by asking our State Government to 1) implement an emergency closure to halt hunting and trapping on state  land bordering the northern edge of Denali National Park, and 2) re-establish  the Denali Buffer Zone (abolished in 2010), which protects the park wildlife along its borders. 3) Reitierate that Alaska hunting guides should have respect for the wildlife and the country, and have common sense.

Please send a message  or call (or better yet, both) to the following:


Alaska Winter Images With A Wide Angle

march 2012, solar flare, northern lights, brad josephs, fairbanks, alaska

Electric Glow, aurora over the northern skies.

Sunny days and aurora-filled nights- it was a good week to try out the canon 16-35 wide angle that I purchased used recently.  A lot of folks are afraid to buy used lenses off the internet, but I have gotten very lucky a few times and saved quite a few dollars.  I am very impressed with its sharpness, fast focusing, and 2.8 aperture, which allows for plenty of light gathering ability.   Used with the cropped-sensor of my 7d, it isnt wide enough for big landscape and aurora shots, but  I am still very happy with it.


march 2012, solar flare, northern lights, brad josephs, fairbanks, alaska

dancing lights, 3 am, -35 windchill, late march 2012

The above photo was shot at 2.8 f-stop, 1250 ISO, and a 5 second exposure.  If you can gather enough light to shoot at 5 seconds or less, you capture more definition in the aurora light, since they are moving.   The below photo was taken at 15 seconds, since the band of light was stationary.  The longer exposure time captured a brighter green, but softened the shapes in the lights.   I prefer to shoot with a white balance set at “daylight,” but you can adjust this in editing programs, as long as you shoot in RAW.

march 2012, solar flare, northern lights, brad josephs, fairbanks, alaska



brad josephs, alaska, image, natural habitat adventures.

self portrait, using a cable release and flash, flirting with frostbite.


alaska railroad, denali

riding the rails through the frozen wilderness of Denali

If you ever have a chance to travel by train, do it.  I love capturing the sense of infinity as the train heads into the unknown vastness.

train, alaska, infinty, canon 16-35, canon 7d

Due north

denali in winter, brad josephs, alaska bears and wolves

late winter in Denali


signpost alaska, milepost, brad josephs

Mileages on the Alaska Pipeline


sled dog, husky, alaska

Big Dog

The 16-35 was excellent for those sled dog portraits that I enjoy so much.   I set my aperture to around 5.6, so the background dogs are blurry enough to show distance, but still recognizable.

sled dogs, alaska, yukon quest, fairbanks, brad josephs

dog team

sled dogs, alaska

Lead dog


lead dog, racing, alaska, sled dog, husky, yukon quest, iditirod



seld husky, malemutes, racing, brad josephs

listen up fellas

The sun in the North is coming back fast, but it is still at a low angle for the entire day, allowing for lots of opportunities for back-lit images.  Below is a scene from the Ice Alaska  Competition.

fairbanks ice festival, march 2012, polar bear, ice,

Fairbanks Ice festival.


winter, denali, canon 16-35, canon 7d, brad josephs, image, picture, Alaska

Denali in winter

Ride the train through the wilderness,  behold Denali in all its majesty, see and photograph Alaska the right way.  There is still a little room left on the incredible Alaskan photo expeditions this summer.  Click here to read about it.