Raw Bear Power- Portfolio of a Giant Old Grizzly

I love the giant, battle-scarred male bears of the Alaska Peninsula.  I recently spent some time watching an awesome old male in his prime fishing for salmon while guiding bear viewing expeditions for Natural Habitat Adventures.   He must weigh close to 1,000 pounds, and he uses his weight to his advantage as he bullies his way through deep pools and fast flowing riffles in search of food.  If only a bear like this could tell stories…. Last year I wrote an essay about the life of such a bear- click here to check it out.
fishing grizzly image alaska, brad josephs
This enormous brute of a bear overpowers the river to force salmon out of the current


grizzly attack salmon, denali park, katmai park, alaska, image, picture

The giant brute slams into a pool, ejecting a salmon into the air,


underwater grizzly image, fishing for salmon, alaska, brad josephs, ber viewing, image

The bear's head and a salmon are visible in the wall of water created by the great splash.


grizzly image underwater

A closer look at an eerie, incredible split second captured in a high speed image. The salmon in peril, and the relentless bear are visible in the wave of water.


bear eating salmon, alaska, wild alaska salmon, brad josephs, valdez, kodiak

The big old boar secures yet another meal from the frigid river,


huge, enormous grizzly. alaska

Giant male brown bear. Check out his muscular arms and shoulders.


giant male grizzly

The old warrior.


alaska bear viewing, homer, hallo bay, katmai,


record grizzly, trophy brown bear, 10 foot grizzly

Giant coastal grizzly, Alaska peninsula.


giant bear image

The old male fishes from a rocky outcrop above the river.

huge bear fishing off rock, katmai

He takes a plunge after salmon in a deep pool.



fishing grizzly alaska image, kodiak, katmai bear viewing

raw bear power


These photos were taken in Katmai National Park, which is is one of the only places where huge males like this are not afraid of humans.  In other areas of Alaska, these bears are viewed as trophies for hunters, and hide from any sign of humans.  I think this bear is far more valuable alive than dead.



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  1. sharon says:

    love the pics….

  2. JeannetteeeCh says:

    Magnificent Creature. Deserves to live free and wild. It is we humans that have things confused.

  3. Jeannette Cheeks says:

    These magnificent creatures need to be allowed to live wild and free. It is humans who do not think correctly nor act in harmony with all animals and life on this planet. [:p]

  4. David Sherman says:

    Great pics!!!

  5. David Sherman says:

    Iy you get a chance, this trip is awesome. We had a great time in July 2012. We went with Brad and he is a great guide with great knowledge of the bears.

    I want to go back!!!!!!!

  6. Lorac says:

    Your photos and the obvious love of wildlife are wonderful. I really enjoyed this series of photos. What an amazing old brute!

  7. Linda says:

    I can’t wait to take a trip with Brad!

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